Sullivan Art Program Receives H.U.G.S. and Sharing Success Grant Funds

The Sullivan Art program received $5,000 in grants from Pioneer Electric’s Helping Us Give to Society (H.U.G.S.) program and an additional $2,500 from CoBank’s Sharing Success program. The Art program will use the funds to purchase new classroom furniture and replenish art supplies. Representatives from Pioneer Electric presented the grants to the school on Nov. 17.

“The tables and chairs in the art room currently do not match,” said Stephanie Manis, Sullivan Elementary Art teacher. “Having new tables and chairs that match will not only bring cohesiveness to the room but will also provide a better working area for my students.”

The new tables and chairs will coordinate with Manis’ color-coding method for sectioning groups in her classroom. Manis hopes by improving the working environment for students and introducing them to a variety of art mediums will help her students continue to express themselves in positive ways through art.

“The Sullivan Art program is a great example of the type of projects H.U.G.S. was created to help with,” said Ruby Terrazas, energy services coordinator and H.U.G.S. team member. “By creating a welcoming and fresh environment in the classroom, students are going to be engaged and get the most out of their education.”