At Pioneer Electric, our commitment to the environment is a key value that is reflected throughout our organization.

Renewable Energy

Pioneer Electric is committed to protecting the environment and promoting the development and use of renewable energy sources. In keeping with our commitment to environmental stewardship, we support the development of reliable, cost-effective, renewable energy initiatives which will sustain and grow the economic base of southwest Kansas.

Spill Prevention, Control And Counter-Measure Plan

Pioneer Electric is proud to be the first cooperative in Kansas to complete a Spill Prevention and Counter-Measure Plan and have it certified. Pioneer Electric has clear guidelines for inspections and preventive maintenance as well as detailed procedures in the event of an accidental spill. For all equipment containing 650 gallons or more of oil, primarily at our substations, we have a clear and comprehensive emergency action plan in place.

It’s Our Community. It’s Our Environment.

Like you, Pioneer Electric employees and their families live and work here in southwest Kansas have a vested interest in preserving and even improving the quality of the local environment. It’s part of what Pioneer Electric is, and its part of how we do business.