PEAR Program


Members Invited To Round Up

An exciting new program called the Pioneer Electric Area Roundup (PEAR) has been launched to benefit people in southwest Kansas through the use of spare change. PEAR is a non-profit initiative that encourages Pioneer Electric members to respond to community needs by rounding up their electric bill to the nearest dollar. The extra change goes into the PEAR fund and is distributed to organizations and individuals in support of worthy causes. As an example of how PEAR works, if your bill is $93.42 cents, then it is rounded up to $94.00.

You Can Make A Difference!

PEAR is a fine opportunity for Pioneer Electric’s members to make a tax deductible contribution. On average, each participating member’s donation to the PEAR program will amount to about $6.00 a year. Please contact our office for help in signing up to our PEAR program.

Applying For Funds

To receive funds as part of the PEAR program, organizations and individuals must apply for them. A PEAR board, comprised of five southwest Kansas residents, reviews each application, and funds are distributed according to the financial need identified in the application.

Visit or call or office if you have questions regarding the PEAR application process.