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Pioneer Electric Cooperative, Inc., Board Of Trustees

One of the most important responsibilities of the electric cooperative membership is to help choose members to serve on the Board of Trustees. Elections are held annually to select individuals to serve a three-year term. The objective of the elections is to build, maintain and strengthen a strong team of member representatives to work with management to best serve the members. The following members have been elected to fulfill a Board of Trustee position.

District 1 – Steve Arnold, Trustee
District 2 – Michael Brewer, Trustee
District 3 – Jeff Moyer, Trustee
District 4 – Alfred Alexander, Vice President
District 5 – Fred Claassen, Trustee
District 6 – Jim Bell, Trustee
District 7 – Martie Floyd, President
District 8 – John Jury, Secretary-Treasurer
District 9 – Charles Milburn, Trustee