Scholarship Information

Scholarships will only be awarded to applicants that will be attending a postsecondary education institution (on campus or online) during the fall 2024 semester. Applicant must be a 2024 high school graduate and reside within the district of one of the schools below:

Stanton County


Send the following items to the Pioneer Electric Scholarship Program. The information must be received by noon on March 6, 2024.

  1. This completed the original application (application link below).
  2. A one-page resume stating your future plans, activities you have participated in while in school, accomplishments and honors you have received, community involvement and your employment experience. (Please attach your resume to the application link below and do not include references in your resume).
  3. A seventh-semester transcript (official or certified copy) from the applicant’s high school.  Transcripts can either be mailed or emailed to Pioneer Electric.
    1. Mail: Mail official high school transcript to:
      Pioneer Electric Scholarship Program
      c/o Alyssa Hammond
      PO Box 368
      Ulysses, KS 67880
    2. Email: Transcripts may also be emailed to Please note, that transcripts submitted via email will only be accepted if sent by a staff member of the student’s school. This could include a counselor, office secretary or principal. If you have any questions, please call 620-356-1211.
  4. A brief explanation as to why you would be a good recipient for a Pioneer Electric scholarship (space is provided for you on the application linked below).

General Scholarship Selection

Students interested in applying for the General Scholarship may submit the application below.

Applications for 2024’s program are officially closed.

Power Line Technology Scholarship

Students interested in applying for the Power Line Technology Scholarship may submit the application below.

Applications for 2024’s program are officially closed.

Selection for both scholarships will be made without regard to the applicant’s race, color, ethnic origin, religious belief, gender, marital status or physical handicap.