Nomination Committee

*The committee on nomination has met to consider candidates for the 2021 Annual Meeting. Pioneer Electric members that fill out the below form will be taken into consideration for 2022’s committee on nomination.

Question regarding the committee may be directed to Anita Wendt, VP of energy services, at

It is the duty of the board of trustees to appoint a committee on nominations consisting of no less than seven cooperative members, with at least two members from each district in which a trustee is to be elected to ensure equitable representation. This committee then prepares a list of nominations for the board of trustees, which includes at least two candidates for each board position to be filled in the upcoming election.

The committee on nominations is tasked to find candidates who would make qualified trustees. This is done through a meeting of the committee in which members of the committee discuss potential candidates that will accept the responsibilities of a board position, represent the interest of the cooperative’s membership and meet the requirements outlined by Pioneer Electric and its bylaws.

Cooperative members that are interested in serving the cooperative on this committee may fill out the below form. Information submitted will be passed along to the member-elected board member of your district. Please note, that those selected for the committee will need to uphold the requirements of the committee.

Interest Form

In submission of this form I understand that my name is to be submitted, to my member-elected trustee, for the position of committee member on the cooperative’s committee on nominations. I understand that my notice is to be considered for the committee and that it does not guarantee my nomination for committee.  I understand that by submitting this application that Pioneer Electric may  share my information with those involved with the  process.

Nomination Committee Form

  • As formally listed on your Pioneer Electric membership.