Electrical Safety and Your Cooperative

Electricity is an essential part of our lives. The flick of a switch can heat, cool, light, cook, clean, and entertain. Electricity is a powerful tool, but it can be dangerous if not treated cautiously.

At Pioneer Electric, we’re committed to promoting a healthy respect for electricity and teaching individuals to spot potential electrical hazards wherever they may be. As your electric service provider, we conduct safety demonstrations in schools, farms, businesses, and other venues throughout our service territory. These interactive presentations are designed to raise awareness of potential safety hazards. The use of an energized model of electrical poles and lines helps these presentations to be both enlightening and entertaining.

Interested in scheduling a free safety demonstration? We’re here to help!

Local schools, businesses, cities, and other local organizations can coordinate a free demonstration with our Safety Team by filling out the form below. Presentations can be easily tailored for the intended audience. Upon completion of this form, your request will be reviewed by our Safety Department and a Pioneer Electric representative will reach out to further assist you with your request. Questions may be directed to our office by calling during our regular office hours.

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Knowing the age of the audience allows for Pioneer Electric staff to better tailor the intended safety message.

Tabletop demonstrations: Tabletop demonstrations showcase electrical safety at home and in your community. These presentations are a great for use for smaller groups and youth.

Safety Demonstration Trailer: This mock setup of a distribution span is usable to demonstrate the dangers of contact with an electrical distribution line. Trailer is recommended for larger groups and older (teens and up) audiences. Presentation last around 30 minutes.

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Safety Database

The following links will provide more detailed information on how to safely work and live around electricity.