Board Responsibilities

A cooperative is powered by three different, but vitally important, groups — members, elected trustees and employees. Between the three, management of the cooperative’s business is tasked to those elected to serve on the cooperative board. These nine individuals act as representatives and the collective voice for the defined districts (and districts at large) of Pioneer Electric. They take the information provided by the members and the action of the cooperative staff and use it to ensure reliable, safe service and the sustainability and health of our cooperative. It’s a responsibility that requires balance; taking each viewpoint, suggestion, statistic and action and applying it to a single objective — better service for members.

Members interested in serving as a member of the board may submit a notice of interest (found below) to Pioneer Electric along with a completed trustee application form. Application form will be emailed to interested applicants upon receiving their notice of interest.

Trustee Responsibilities:

A Trustee is expected to:

  1. Must be willing to promote and safeguard the interests of the Cooperative among the members and the general public.
  2. Shall represent the membership on an impartial basis for the good of and in the best interest of the entire Cooperative.
  3. Support all decisions and actions made or taken by the majority of the Board.
  4. Review and study the information contained in reports submitted to the Board.
  5. Oversee the Policy and Bylaws of the Cooperative.
  6. Objectively evaluate and consider the challenges and opportunities facing the Cooperative and work with the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Staff to develop appropriate strategic direction.
  7. Maintain an awareness of the attitudes of the members and general public toward the Cooperative.
  8. Serve as an ambassador for the Cooperative’s viewpoints, objectives, programs, and services.
  9. Is encouraged to, as personal schedule permits, attend Board-approved national, regional, state and local industry related meetings and training to better understand issues challenging Cooperative and overall electric industry, etc.;
  10. Provide full commitment to carrying out the responsibilities of the office of Trustee and agree to serve the term of office for which elected until a successor has been appointed or elected.
  11. Not use position as Trustee to further political ambitions

Nomination and Election:

Nominees are selected through a nomination committee of members from the district up for election. Additionally, a nominee can be added to the ballot through a petition of 15 or more members. This individual must be held to the same standards as the others placed upon the ballot by the nomination committee.

The members then vote on the candidates at the Annual Meeting of Pioneer Electric and a majority vote dictates the outcome. Members interested in serving as a member of the nomination committee may visit here for additional information.


Trustees of the Pioneer Electric board must meet the requirements outlined by Pioneer Electric and its member-approved bylaws. Individuals that do not meet the qualifications outlined (this includes any nominations made through petition) will not be considered.

Cooperative Board Notice of Interest – Please submit your notice of interest by July 12  to be passed along to the committee.

In the submission of this form, I understand that my name is to be submitted, to the member-formed nomination committee, for the position of trustee. I have looked through the above qualifications and understand that my notice will not be considered if I fail to meet the requirements outlined by Pioneer Electric. I understand that this form does not guarantee my nomination for the cooperative board and gives Pioneer Electric the right to share my information with those involved in the nomination process. Members do have the ability to submit a petition for the ballot, please review the cooperative’s bylaws for more information.

Notice of Interest to serve on the cooperative board

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