Renewable Self-Generation

Self-generation may be an intriguing financial or environmental opportunity for some of our members. Before purchasing self-generation equipment (solar or wind), members should evaluate if the economics work for their needs.  Below is information that may assist in determining if renewable self-generation is a good fit for you.

We strongly encourage our members to take precautions when approached by vendors and to consider the following before committing to purchases:

Renewable Generation Calculator:

Renewable Self-Generation can be intimidating, but your co-op is here to help! Our calculator can assist you in comparing and understanding the potential impact of renewable self-generation on your electric service. Sections in the calculator will require information from your billing statement.

Renewable Generation Calculator

We’re here to help:

Pioneer Electric is your energy partner; our goal is to ensure that your service needs are met. As a Touchstone Energy Cooperative, our members have access to resources and information regarding distributed generation (renewable self-generation). Questions can be directed to our operations team by calling 620-356-1211 or by filling out the form below.