Optimize Electricity Use

How can your business lower its energy usage and save money? Pioneer Electric is committed to working with our members to find ways of improving energy efficiency, lowering energy costs and improving the performance and longevity of electrically powered equipment and machinery. In this section, you will find information on our energy analysis and monitoring services.

Power Quality Monitoring

Harmonics, power factor, voltage and frequency are all important indicators of the efficient operation of an electrical system. Pioneer Electric can conduct on-site tests and install monitoring equipment, identify potential problems and make recommendations to meet industry standards. We will ensure your service has proper voltage going to the metering point. The member-owner can then work with a qualified electrician to correct the situation.

If there are frequent or recurrent power problems and equipment failures, we can review historical data to detect usage and disruption patterns in order to troubleshoot them, whether these problems are internal to the member’s system or to Pioneer Electric’s.

We understand a clean and reliable power supply is critical to your business and we will act quickly to repair any problems that may originate in our system.

Outage Inquiry

Pioneer Electric keeps detailed records of all power interruptions and events on our transmission and distribution system. At any time, members can contact us to find out about a specific event, its duration, cause and the steps taken to remedy the situation.

In many cases, outages are beyond our control. For example, they may be caused by high winds, ice storms or an automobile hitting an electric pole. However, we believe in keeping our members informed and reassured we are dealing with all outages in a timely manner.

Energy Audits

Helping you find ways to lower your energy usage is important to us. We will work with our members in conducting energy audits. We’ll evaluate your electrical system to determine if it is operating efficiently. We’ll look at ways you might alter your operations, such as alternating or staggering equipment run times, to lower energy costs.