Committee on Nominations Selects 2022 Board of Trustees Nominations

Each year, members are appointed to serve on the  Committee on Nominations. This committee, acting as the voice of the members, is tasked with selecting candidates who would make qualified trustees. Candidates selected by the Committee on Nominations are placed on the trustee ballot for election at the Cooperative’s Annual Meeting. Those nominated to the ballot must reside in the district they wish to serve and meet the qualifications outlined in the Cooperative’s bylaws.

The 2022 Committee on Nominations met on July 13 at Pioneer Electric’s headquarters and selected the following nominees for this year’s election:

District 5 

Fred Claassen (incumbent)

David C. Light (nominee)

District 6                         

James N. Bell (incumbent

Michael O. McCulley (nominee)

District 9

Charles E. Milburn (incumbent)

Donald W. Beesley (nominee)

Members residing in the above districts may also nominate a candidate through a petition. Petitioned Nominees are held to the same requirements as those appointed by the committee, must complete a nomination petition form and procure the necessary member signatures. The form and all other materials must be returned to the Cooperative no later than 5:00 p.m. on Monday, August 1 to be included on the 2022 Board of Trustees election ballot. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Those interested in learning more about the petition process may contact Anita Wendt, Vice President of Energy Services at 620-356-1211.