Sunflower Electric Issues Energy Cost Adjustment Pass Through Credit

A wholesale power cost adjustment will be included in the Energy Cost Adjustment (ECA) calculation for members’ bills received in July, August, and September. Applying the wholesale power cost adjustment to Pioneer Electric’s power cost will result in a decrease in the ECA charge in members’ bills. Please note that while the wholesale power cost adjustment reduces Pioneer’s power cost and is being passed on to members, it may not result in a credit ECA on your bill. This is a direct benefit of Pioneer Electric and Sunflower Electric Power Corporation’s efforts to ensure our members receive power at the lowest possible rate.

Why is Pioneer Electric applying this credit to the ECA?

Pioneer Electric and Sunflower Electric, its generation and transmission (G&T) company, are not-for-profit cooperatives. Sunflower budgets annually for the load capacity it expects will be needed. Like all budgets, this can fluctuate. As the result of Sunflower’s power cost being less than budgeted, Sunflower is giving a wholesale power cost credit to Pioneer Electric. As a not-for-profit cooperative, Pioneer Electric will pass on this credit to its members.

What determines the ECA?

Pioneer Electric’s Energy Cost Adjustment (ECA) is determined by the cost of purchasing power from Sunflower Electric. Factors such as weather conditions, energy demand, and market conditions can affect the cost of purchased power.

When will this be reflected on my bill?

The wholesale power cost adjustment will be included in the ECA calculation for bills received in July, August and September.