Self-Generation Calculator

Renewable Self-Generation can be intimidating, but your co-op is here to help! Our calculator can assist you in comparing and understanding the potential impact of renewable self-generation on your electric service. Sections in the calculator will require information from your billing statement.

Have questions? We’re here to help! Our energy solutions team is available to assist you.

Section 1: Your Pioneer Electric Service

The annual kWh usage for the electric service you want to install renewable generation for:

Maximum demand (kW) during the past 12 months. This will be the highest demand you reached within the last 12 months of service:

Your current Pioneer Electric rate (the cost per kWh you pay for electric service):

Energy Delivery Rate/Demand Rate:

Estimated annual total kWh cost without renewable generation:

Section 2: Approximate Annual Cost For Renewable Generation

Total cost to purchase and install renewable self-generation. If working with a contractor, the amounted quoted for the entirety of the project:

Total amounts of grants, tax credits, etc. received for the purchase and installation of the equipment (Only include items not required to be repaid):

Calculated net cost for renewable generation equipment:

Estimated annual maintenance costs for the generation equipment:

If financing the project, list the loan interest rate for borrowed funds used to purchase the equipment (If you plan to pay cash for the entire project, put the interest rate the money would have earned):

The number of years you plan to finance the system or the number of years of expected operation of the equipment (if paid in full):

Capital Cost Recovery Factor:

Calculated annual operating cost based on the the initial investment and capital recovery factor:

Section 3: Approximate Cost For Renewable Generation (continued) :

Select the type of renewable generation equipment installed, wind or solar:

Estimated number of hours per year of operation:

Enter the rated capacity of the generating equipment in kW:

Estimated kWh per year generated:

Estimated energy costs (per kWh) generated by your planned renewable generation equipment:

Section 4: Approximation of return on renewable energy investment (Negative values may indicate a loss or expense).

Net usage with the investment into renewable generation:

Annual cost of purchased energy with a renewable generation system:

Total energy cost (kWh) with renewable generation infrastructure:

Estimated annual savings with renewable generation investment:

Estimated amount of savings for the life of the loan or system if no money was borrowed:

Estimated return on investment percentage based on savings over system or loan life:

Estimated system pay off (in years):

Estimated savings on PEC bill: