Pioneer Electric Issues Credit for Winter Storm Uri Billing Settlements

Pioneer Electric is passing through credits for billing adjustments from Sunflower Electric Power Corporation related to February 2021’s Winter Storm Uri. This pass-through credit will be reflected in the Energy Cost Adjustment (ECA) on members’ Feb. 2023 bills. The credits result from market settlements and billing adjustments related to the wholesale power and generation costs during the event.

The cooperative experienced a $17-20 million addition to its February 2021 wholesale power bill because of the unprecedented winter storm event. To recover costs incurred by the cooperative, Pioneer Electric implemented a “Storm Uri Recovery Charge” to amortize these costs over 36 months beginning in May 2021.

Sunflower Electric has been tracking the cumulative cost adjustments (Southwest Power Pool market settlements, natural gas billing adjustments, etc.) since Winter Storm Uri occurred in February 2021. Since the risk of additional adjustments is minimal, Sunflower is crediting the current balance of the adjustments, approximately $400,000, with February’s billing to Pioneer Electric. In return, the Pioneer Electric Board approved to return of the credit to members through its February 2023 ECA.

“Winter Storm Uri was an unprecedented event that some members still feel the impact of,” said Anita Wendt, vice president of Energy Services. “This passthrough is the result of our commitment to ensure any credits Pioneer Electric receives directly benefit our members.”

Members may direct questions regarding the credit pass-through to the Pioneer Electric customer service team by calling 620-356-1211 or 1-880-794-9302.