Local Students Attend Cooperative Youth Leadership Camp

Cindy and Rebecca outdoors

Rebecca Johnson, Hugoton, and Cindy Nolasco-Rios, Ulysses, represented Pioneer Electric Cooperative at the 2018 Cooperative Youth Leadership Camp (CYLC) in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The six-day camp brought together students from Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma and Wyoming for a week of building leadership skills and making memories.

The students’ journey began with an overnight stay in Denver, Colorado, where the group was treated to an evening of indoor skydiving. After defying gravity, they welcomed a night of rest before the next leg of their journey. Winding through mountain passes, the two soon spotted the campgrounds. Delegates found their roommates and were quickly sorted into small groups. Throughout the week, these small groups worked together to help create and manage their very own “candy cooperative.”

Becca and group
Rebecca and her small group team work together during one of the many camp activities.

When not managing candy sales, Cindy and Rebecca enjoyed performing skits, listening to motivational speakers, forming new friendships and participating in a variety of activities. This inspired delegates to focus on their particular leadership skills and see how to best apply them.

The group was also able to take in a variety of sights from the surrounding area. They explored the campgrounds, walked the lazy streets of Steamboat, toured the Trapper Coal Mine and Craig Station Power Plant and waged water wars while rafting. Each adventure acted as an opportunity for delegates to kick back and form new connections.“Being able to meet all these people really impacted me,” Cindy said. “You can listen to ‘x’ number of lectures on this camp, but it wouldn’t have meant anything without them. These people assured me that being soft and open is a strength to have, never a weakness.”

Applications for the 2019 Youth Tour will open later this fall. Students, parents or educators wishing to learn more about either CYLC or Government in Action: Youth Tour can contact our offices for additional information.

Youth Tour 2018: A visit to the Capitol

Nikki and Slater’s time in Washington, D.C. is halfway over. In a short few days, the two have experienced much throughout their journey. On Monday, the two spent the morning touring Mt. Vernon and Old Town Alexandria. Back in D.C., they then strolled through the national mall and toured the Holocaust Memorial Museum.  That evening, students met with other delegates from across the U.S. at the NRECA Youth Program. Motivational speakers, activities and more filled the evening.

An early morning took our delegates to Capitol Hill. The sea of blue polo shirts washed through the Capitol exploring all that it had to offer.  The Kansas and Hawaii delegations then separated to visit with Legislators about the importance of serving their communities. After a quick lunch, the delegations met back for a tour of the Vietnam, Korean and Lincoln Memorials. Finally, the students said enjoyed the last few hours of the day at the United States Marine’s Sunset Parade.

Thursday will mark the final day in their adventure and we cannot wait to see what they will experience next.

Youth Tour 2018: Days 3 and 4

Welcome to Washington! Slater and Nikki’s first full days in Washington, D.C. were met with new faces, new sights and new stories to share.  The first stop  on their new journey was a tour of the Newseum. Delegates put on their best announcer’s voice and wandered the halls looking at all that goes into sharing news stories. Delegates were then surprised with a tour of the White House. This is the first time in many years that the Youth Tour delegation was able to book a tour of the historic building. Leaving the White House, the group was headed off to Washington Nationals Stadium for an afternoon of baseball and fun.  To wrap up the day, students were able to laugh through their sunburns with a evening viewing of Shear Madness at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

On Sunday, our travelers began the day in reflection and reverence as they paid respects at the Iwo Jima Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery and Tomb of the Unkown Soldier. They said a brief “good bye” to the capital city and zoomed off to Baltimore. A tour of Fort McHenry, the Inner Harbor and the National Aquarium were highlights for many delegates, however as quickly as they arrived they headed back into Washington, D.C. for their final surprise, a riverboat cruise on the Potomac!