Safety Fest in a Bag

On October 7th, Pioneer Electric (in partnership with Pioneer Communications) brought Safety Fest to the elementary students of Grant County. The event, traditionally held in person, was redesigned this year to work with community health guidelines. Nearly 800 students, ranging from preschool to fifth-grade, were gifted the annual Safety Fest backpack, loaded with a variety of safety themed materials.

In order to prepare the backpacks in a timely manner, Pioneer Electric enlisted the help of the Grant County Junior Leadership class. These students organized supplies donated by community partners and stuffed backpacks with masks, water bottles, lanyards, and other items. The students also assisted in the delivery of backpacks to the schools.

Materials for the backpacks were donated by many community partners that include Pioneer Electric, Pioneer Communications, Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Kansas Children’s Service League, Compass Behavioral Health, Ulysses Police Department, Ladies of Junior Civic, and Merit Energy.