Pioneer Provides Mutual Aid to Co-op In Need After Major Storm

Providing world-class service doesn’t end at our territory lines, when other cooperatives send the call for help, Pioneer Electric is there to answer. Portions of Oklahoma have been left without power due to freezing rain, ice, and high winds that damaged lines and poles during a recent ice storm. Five linemen departed Pioneer Electric’s garage on Friday, October 30, 2020, en route to assist in the restoration of damaged power lines.

“We know from experience the toll that restoration after an ice storm can take on crews,” said Mike Haney, Manager of Engineering and Operations. “When the call came from Oklahoma, requesting crews from Kansas, we didn’t hesitate.”

Pioneer Electric’s crew is expected to be gone for approximately a week to aid with restoration efforts. They will work alongside crews from CKenegy in Binger, Oklahoma, a small town southwest of El Reno. Pioneer Electric’s crew includes Tolan Seger, Line Foreman, Zane May, Journeyman Lineman, Drew Peters, Journeyman Lineman, Jacob Oglevie, Apprentice Lineman, and Jesus Alvarado, Apprentice Lineman. In addition to the crew, Pioneer Electric is also sending a Foreman’s pickup truck, digger derrick, pole trailer, 55’ bucket truck, 37’ bucket truck and enough materials to frame 100 poles.

“In addition to our crew, we know the equipment will be help take some of the strain off of CKenergy’s crews,” said Haney. “Every little bit helps in these situations.”