77th Annual Meeting Board of Trustees Elections Nominees

Cooperatives are governed by the representatives chosen by the members. These representatives, or trustees, are elected at the Cooperative’s annual meeting each year. Trustees’ seats are available for re-election after serving a three-year turn. A nominating committee is selected to secure nominations to finalize the ballot. Nominees must reside in the district they wish to serve and meet all other qualifications outlined in the Cooperative’s bylaws. The 2021 nomination committee met on July 14th, selecting three nominees for this year’s elections. This year’s nominees are:

District 3 

Jeff W. Moyer (incumbent)

Jay B. Annis (nominee)

District 4 

Alfred Alexander (incumbent)

Denton Schloemer (nominee)

District 8 (at large for 3 and 4)

John R. Jury (incumbent)

Jerry Brown (nominee)

Members of the above districts may also nominate a candidate through a petition. Forms for a petition nomination are available at our Ulysses office. Any member who meets the qualifications outlined in the Cooperative’s bylaws and submits all forms and signatures prior to 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, July 26, 2021, may be included on the 2021 Board of Trustees election ballot.

Interested parties may pick up a form by contacting:

Anita Wendt, Vice President of Energy Services at 620-356-1211 or awendt@pioneerelectric.coop