Youth Tour 2018: A visit to the Capitol

Nikki and Slater’s time in Washington, D.C. is halfway over. In a short few days, the two have experienced much throughout their journey. On Monday, the two spent the morning touring Mt. Vernon and Old Town Alexandria. Back in D.C., they then strolled through the national mall and toured the Holocaust Memorial Museum.  That evening, students met with other delegates from across the U.S. at the NRECA Youth Program. Motivational speakers, activities and more filled the evening.

An early morning took our delegates to Capitol Hill. The sea of blue polo shirts washed through the Capitol exploring all that it had to offer.  The Kansas and Hawaii delegations then separated to visit with Legislators about the importance of serving their communities. After a quick lunch, the delegations met back for a tour of the Vietnam, Korean and Lincoln Memorials. Finally, the students said enjoyed the last few hours of the day at the United States Marine’s Sunset Parade.

Thursday will mark the final day in their adventure and we cannot wait to see what they will experience next.