Urban Street Lighting and LED Lighting Schedules

The Board of Trustees (“Board”) of Pioneer Electric Cooperative, Inc. (“Pioneer Electric”) has authorized management to review Pioneer Electric’s current Board-approved Urban Street Lighting Service Schedule and the cost to provide such service to eligible customers, as well as implement and offer the more cost-effective and efficient LED street lighting option.  After reviewing both, pursuant to K.S.A. 66-104d, Pioneer Electric is presenting the following adjustments to Pioneer Electric’s current Urban Street Lighting Schedule and offering a new LED Urban Street Lighting Schedule option to eligible Members of Pioneer Electric.  This adjustment and new schedule will become effective upon Board approval and will not affect most customers as it is available only to Government, Municipal, County, School District and non-Government-owned housing subdivision electric customers, located in Pioneer Electric’s service territory, for street lighting.

Below is a comparison of the current and proposed Urban Street Lighting Schedule and the new LED Street Lighting Schedule.

Urban street lighting and LED schedules