Sunflower Approves Reduced Wholesale Rate for Sunflower Members

November is a time for giving thanks. While we should often recognize the benefits of living in this country, in Kansas, and our communities, this month gives us an intentional pause to be grateful for all that we have.

One of our most important rights as citizens living in our country is the ability to elect our leaders. Your cooperative is powered is by this same principle. At every annual meeting, you elect fellow members to represent you on the Pioneer Electric Board of Trustees. However, the reach of your membership doesn’t end there. The Board, in turn, elects a representative to sit on the Sunflower Electric Power Corporation, our generation and transmission wholesale power provider, Board of Directors. This ensures that the needs of you, our member, is considered in all that we do.

One such example is the recent decision by the Sunflower and Mid-Kansas Board of Directors to implement a wholesale base rate reduction, lowering the energy cost adjustment (ECA) charge found on your electric bill. The ECA charge has several facets, including the demand and energy available on Sunflower infrastructure. However, stable loads and effective internal cost management have resulted in savings that have been passed along to you.

Cooperatives were not established to generate a profit, but rather help communities grow and develop through unified service. This philosophy is what sets us apart from other organizations. In doing so, cooperatives power more than just homes or businesses—they power the lives they serve.

In this month of thanks, let’s pause to appreciate that we have a voice in our nation, our state, our communities, and, yes, in our electric cooperatives. We are proud and thankful to have the opportunity to serve you.