Pioneer Electric provides H.U.G.S. Grant to Grant County Civic Center

Nov. 21, 2019 – Members of Pioneer Electric’s Helping Us Give to Society (H.U.G.S.) team surprised staff of the Grant County Civic Center with $500 to help purchase agility flooring for the 4-H dog program. The flooring will be used to better accommodate exhibitors and dogs, participating in the program’s agility course.

“The course keeps evolving and was really needing proper agility flooring,” said Mari Honstead, general manager for the Grant County Civic Center. “Pioneer Electric had assisted us in the past in purchasing some rolled floor mats. However, these mats are difficult to form into the sharp turns and crossovers that the exhibitors use in the agility program. New flooring will help us ensure that we don’t have any accidental trips or falls and keep the course safe for not just the exhibitors but their dogs too.”

The H.U.G.S.  team meets quarterly to assess applications for the grant program. The grant is generated by funds received from recycled scrap materials of the cooperative. The application was approved during the team’s fall meeting and arrangements were then made to congratulate the Grant County Civic Center.

“Safety is in an important piece of Pioneer’s culture and we are happy to assist the Grant County Civic Center’s efforts to provide a safe course for those in the program.” said Anita Wendt, H.U.G.S. team member and vice president of energy services for Pioneer Electric. “Our hope is that this new flooring will provide a safe experience for participants and allow them to better demonstrate their skills.”

Honstead and Civic Center Staff hope to have the new flooring available to 4-her’s by the 2020 fair season.