Surge Protection


As of November 20th, Pioneer Electric will no longer offer whole-house surge protection to our members and will begin the process of phasing out existing surge protection systems. If you have a meter based surge protector which was installed by Pioneer Electric, it will be removed within 60-90 days. The monthly $4.95 fee that accompanied this service has already been removed from applicable accounts.

If you currently have this service, to remove the surge protector your meter will need to be removed. Power will be temporarily interrupted as a result. Our lineman assigned to the task will make every attempt possible to contact you prior to the momentary interruption of service.

Pioneer Electric has lightning arresters on our primary electric lines and we ensure that our system is properly grounded. However, Pioneer Electric cannot completely eliminate the possibility of damage from lightning and other surges.

As an alternative, home owners can have a qualified electrician install a high quality surge suppressor on the member’s side of the meter. Individual surge protectors in the home at the point-of-use and adequate insurance protection against surge damage is also recommended.

Also of note, Pioneer Electric will stop selling point-of-use surge protectors. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call Pioneer Electric at 620-356-1211 or email us at