Martie Floyd Named President of Cooperative Board of Trustees

Martie Floyd

In April, Martie Floyd began serving as the president of Pioneer Electric’s board of trustees. Floyd, a native of Stanton County, was elected to the cooperative board back in 1999 and has played an active role at Pioneer Electric. He takes up the position with the stepping down of former Board President Melvin Winger. Winger’s legacy on the cooperative board has been quite impressive,  serving on the board since 1971. Winger will continue to sit on the cooperative board as a trustee for his district and is excited to see a new chapter for the cooperative.

“We need to be forward thinking,” commented Winger in his report at the Pioneer Electric Annual Meeting. “And, we need to have a board that is willing to be forward thinking, too. Power is at the backbone of a community. We can’t just look at today. We have to see what it will take to advance the area around us.”