Keep Safety In Mind When Using A Generator

We understand that many members are relying on generators but we ask that you please be careful and fully understand how to properly use them properly. Improper use of a generator can be DEADLY for our lineman crews! If you are unsure on what you’re doing with your generator, it is IMPERATIVE that you contact a licensed electrician.

  1. Avoid plugging a generator directly into your home’s electrical system, unless you have a properly installed double throw disconnect safety switch. Generators that are incorrectly installed will back feed to the line and could electrocute our lineman.
  2. You will need to call a qualified electrician if you’d like to install a double throw disconnect safety switch. Pioneer Electric does not offer this service to members.
  3. If you’re unsure on what you’re doing, we recommend not using a generator. Contact a licensed electrician for assistance.

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