Keep Electrical Equipment Out of Your Cross Hairs

Crisp autumn air is a sure sign that the start of hunting season is just around the corner. As you begin your preparations and start to scout out your favorite spots, we hope that you keep our electrical infrastructure in mind.

Transformers, meters and power poles have an important role and that doesn’t include acting as target practice. While seemingly harmless, damaging our electrical equipment can be devastating to those serviced by our lines.

“No trophy is worth the well-being of others,” said Mike Salsbury, safety and compliance specialist. “Damage caused by bullets can be expensive and can cause equipment to fail. This can result in outages, electrical shorts or unsafe conditions for our linemen. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the season safely, including those not out in the fields.”
If you accidentally clip a piece of equipment, it is best to report it right away.

“We understand that accidents do happen and ask that you report them as soon as you can,” Salsbury said. “Alerting us of any damages caused to electrical equipment helps ensure a quick recovery to those experiencing outages.”

The best way to avoid an accident is simply look. Before you begin walking or as you’re waiting in a stand, scan around for any potential hazards and adjust accordingly. If you’re ever worried about not having a clear area to take a shot, go somewhere else. However, always be sure to get proper permission from the landowner or organization when choosing a new spot to hunt.
Finally, if you happen to notice any damaged meters, transformers or lines while out in the brush, we ask that you please give us a call. Fallen or damaged equipment may still be energized, so it’s imperative that you keep a safe distance.

If the call of the hunt beckons to you this fall and winter, we hope that you answer it safely.