H.U.G.S. Team Surprises Local Athletes With Grants

On November 7, representatives of Pioneer Electric’s H.U.G.S. program proudly awarded the grant during the school’s annual fall activities banquet the surprise came after the school submitted an application to help with purchase of push/pull carts and bags for the newly implemented program.

“As with any new program, we learned that we needed to invest in some additional gear to help ensure the success of these young athletes,” said head coach Marty Cook. “The carts and bags will help reduce the fatigue of having to carry the weight of their bags and clubs while on the courses. This will hopefully give the girls a competitive edge during tough playing conditions and help build a solid program for future athletes.”

Since its establishment in 2016, the program has continued to gain momentum. The team consisted of six golfers during the 2018 season and Cook hopes to provide. In addition to their H.U.G.S. grant, the school was awarded an additional $1,000 from the CoBank, Sharing Success program.

“Through our partnership with CoBank, we are able to nominate Grant Recipients for additional funds through Sharing Success,” said H.U.G.S. member Anita Wendt. “We are excited for this opportunity for the athletes and wish them a successful season next fall!”

Additional information regarding the Pioneer Electric H.U.G.S. program can be found here.