Four Students to Represent Pioneer On Youth Tour

“Let’s walk and talk,” announced Pioneer Electric Communications Specialist Drew Waechter as he greeted four Ulysses High School students outside of Pioneer Electric. The students traded confused glances as their family and cooperative staff began to pour out of the cooperative entrance. Excited (and a little anxious) the students, their families and Pioneer Electric staff made their way toward a parked bucket truck. “Recently, you all participated in some interviews for our Youth Tour program,” said Waechter. “Well, we have a question—do you have any plans for this summer?”
Pioneer Electric is proud to recognize Mia Rock, Autumn Deyoe, Leonela Martinez and Tyann Weis as our 2019 Youth Tour delegates. The four students were selected from 24 applicants from across southwest Kansas. Each was required to complete an application and write about why they would be a good candidate for Youth Tour.
“We want to give each student a fair opportunity to put their best foot forward,” said Waechter. “We redact any identifying information (names, school information, etc.) before sending the applications to our judges. Applications are then reviewed and 15 finalists are selected for an interview.”
Finalists are required to participate in a formal interview as their final challenge for the trip before winners are selected.
“Interviews are intimidating, but what we want for students is to have the opportunity to go experience an interview,” said Waechter. “I wish I would have taken more opportunities like this when I was younger. Interviewing is a skill that these young adults will take with them throughout their lives.”
Mia and Autumn will be headed to Washington, D.C., for the Electric Cooperative Youth Tour in June. The students will spend a week exploring the sights and sounds of Washington, D.C. In July, Leonela and Tyann will head to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, for the Cooperative Youth Leadership Camp.