Surge Protection

Protect Your Electronic Appliances From Power Surges

A power surge is an electrical spike on the AC power or communication lines, including those caused by direct or indirect lightning. Power surges can damage your appliances, unless they’re equipped with some form of protection. Many homeowner policies don’t cover the damage caused by power surges. If coverage is available, generally the insurance deductible is so high it’s not worth the difference. To help protect our members, Pioneer Electric Cooperative, Inc. is offering the most complete whole-house surge protection system available today. The manufacturer of these products, TESCO, backs each of these devices with a ten-year connected equipment warranty. These products offer a level of “pass-through” voltage protection unmatched by any other surge protection system on the market.

It’s As Easy As 1-2-3

  1. Call Pioneer Electric at 1-800-794-9302 or (620) 356-1211 and request the whole-house surge protection system.
  2. A qualified Pioneer Electric employee will inspect and test the integrity of the grounding system at your home, free of charge. Once tested and the necessary corrections made, the meter-based socket will be installed.
  3. Depending on your individual needs, quality plug strips are available from our office.

Find out more about keeping your appliances and electronic equipment safe from power surges. Click here to download the brochure (PDF).