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Establishing Electric Service

In order to establish electric service, a new member must come to the office and speak with a Customer Service Representative to fill out an application for membership and provide valid identification. Then a member must provide a credit history or pay a deposit for electric service. Pioneer Electric accepts one of the following to establish credit history or a security deposit:

Credit Letter

A credit letter may be accepted from any utility (gas, electric, telephone) from the customer’s previous location. The credit letter must reflect 12 months of billing history with no more than three late payments. The security deposit is waived if the member’s credit history is satisfactory and meets Pioneer Electric membership criteria.

Contract Of Guaranty

A Pioneer Electric member may become a guarantor for a new member. The guarantor’s liability shall not exceed the amount of the deposit. The security deposit for the new membership is waived upon the guarantor’s consent and creditworthiness.

Security Deposit

A security deposit may be paid in order to satisfy Pioneer Electric membership requirements to establish electric service. The security deposit may be paid in full upon the membership application. A security deposit will be refunded, with interest, after 36 months if the member has no more than three late payments.

Pioneer Electric members may be required to provide security deposits for electric service if:

  • It has been established that the member has an unsatisfactory credit rating or has an insufficient credit history in which a credit rating may be based
  • The member has an outstanding, undisputed or unpaid service account with Pioneer Electric
  • The member has interfered, diverted, or used the service of any utility in an unauthorized manner

For complete details regarding security deposits, you can download and print a pdf document

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