Be on the Lookout for Summer Safety Hazards

Summertime is upon us in southwest Kansas, bringing long and busy days. Pioneer Electric Cooperative wants all of our consumer-members to take the time this season to make sure everyone returns home at night, safe and sound.

Electricity is an important part of everyday life and our commitment to using electricity safely is important. The flick of a switch can heat, cool, light, cook, clean and entertain. Electricity is a powerful servant, but can also be dangerous if it isn’t treated with caution and respect. Educating individuals about the dangers of electricity is imperative. This is especially true for children. At your cooperative, we’re committed to promoting a healthy respect for electricity and teaching individuals to spot potential electrical hazards.

We conduct safety demonstrations at schools, farms, businesses and other venues throughout our service territory. These presentations are designed to raise awareness of potential safety hazards. The use of an energized model helps presentations be both enlightening and entertaining.

We want all of our members to be safe when dealing with electricity, whether it is while working near power lines or encountering it during the course of your day. From farmers to lifeguards, it is important that everyone treat electricity with respect and have the knowledge to stay safe.

The best way to prevent electrical shock is to stay away from potential hazards. You should never work on live or energized electrical equipment—it is dangerous if you are not qualified to do so.
Never open electric panels. Opening the panel increases the chance of getting shocked or setting off an arc flash.

Above all, stay alert. Assume all equipment is fully energized with electricity. Do not think that just because someone is working around an electrical hazard they have de-energized the equipment. Always be on the lookout for hazards, whether they are labeled or not, and be prepared to stop working, protect those around you, and get help to take care of the situation as fast and as safely as you can.