Answering Common Capital Credit Questions

Capital Credits can be difficult to understand. However, your cooperative is happy to help explain the retirement process. Below are some common questions regarding capital credits. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to give our office a call. Further information about capital credits can be found here.

Why can’t my capital credit allocations be refunded all at once?

Capital credit allocations are disbursed only after the co-op has completed reliability improvements and maintenance, which are long-term investments. This helps keep the cooperative financially sound and helps control rates. If capital credits were returned all at once, it could dramatically increase rates for all Pioneer Electric members.

Why didn’t I receive a capital credit check last year?

Members may not receive a capital credit check if the retired amount is less than $5. In that case, the capital will roll over to the following year or until your capital credits add up to more than $5. Additionally, members with an outstanding balance of more than 30 days past due will have their capital credits applied to their account.

What happens to my capital credits if I’m no longer a Pioneer Electric member?

Pioneer Electric will mail future retirements tied to your account to the mailing address we have on file. An invalid mailing address will result in the delay or inability to send capital credits. Past members can find unclaimed capital credits here. Those individuals will then need to contact our office and speak with a customer service representative for additional information.