Electricity is a clean, efficient form of energy and an important part of everyday life. The flick of a switch can heat, cool, light, cook, clean and entertain. Electricity is a powerful servant but can also be dangerous if it isn’t treated with caution and respect. Our commitment to using electricity safely every day is important. Unfortunately, when an accident does happen, it can be deadly.

What We Do To Promote Safety

Educating individuals about the dangers of electricity is important. This is especially true for children. At Pioneer Electric, we’re committed to promoting a healthy respect for electricity and teaching individuals to spot potential electrical hazards wherever they may be.

As your electric service provider, we conduct safety demonstrations in schools, businesses, and other venues throughout our service territory. These interactive presentations are designed to raise awareness of potential safety hazards. The use of an energized model of electrical poles and lines helps these presentations to be both enlightening and entertaining.

Find out more about our safety demonstrations or arrange for a presentation by calling us at (620) 356-1211 or 1-800-794-9302 or email

Working Safe

Another important facet of our commitment to safety is our ongoing investment in safety training for our employees. We work hard to ensure that our employee training programs meet the highest OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Organization) standards.